• Experience Before Practical

    A platform for youth mainely students to interact with experienced researchers and create there own research reports during their academics.
  • Keeping Focus on Track

    PINPOINT Institute helping fresh graduates and on going students in avoiding de-railing from there interests by providing oppurtunity in real time.
  • Raising Voice For Needy

    PINPOINT Institute is devoted to to help and serve human beings in every field.
  • Students are great power of any state. This power will be collective to create ideas that will direct the state to a better future. Pinpoint Institute brings together gleaming students and professionals having interdisciplinary educational background.
Our Research Department has a big team of researchers of every level including students and professionals.
PINPOINT organises different types of seminars with the collaboraton of various organizations and through grants.
PINPOINT Publication
PINPOINT Institute prepare reports and other publications for our events and research to help major concernees.
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About Us

PINPOINT Institute established in January 2013. Pinpoint stands “Platform for Improvement, Negotiation of Peace–Oriented Ideas and New Thoughts”. Pinpoint Institute is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, unbiased, Peace and Research-Oriented think-tank based in Islamabad.
We Believe in the following sayings of great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah:
“You cannot create a new world suddenly, to get freedom you have to pass through a process, you have to pass through a river of boiling fire and sacrificing path, do not desperate, nations do not make in one day but we should take such steps which direct us forward. ”

Mission & Vision

It aims to examine the strategic challenges faced by Pakistan and the world through research. It accentuate on academically-oriented and problem focused interdisciplinary research. It promotes the social well being, harmony, peace and stability in country and help of people facing contingencies.
Believe to solve strategic challenges faced by mankind in diverse fields through innovative peaceful strategies.

Areas of Research

  • Peace & Security
  • International Relations & Cooperations
  • Economics Growth & Development
  • Energy & Renewable Resources
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Health, Food & Water
  • Social & Youth Policy
  • Education & Opportunities

Our Events

  • Capacity building
  • Internships
  • PIAS workshops
  • Visits of Universities/Institutions
  • Mentorship